Yi Ti

 "The Golden Empire of Yi Ti…Even its ruins dwarf every city in Westeros, and its princes are said to live in houses of solid gold and feast on meat powdered with pearls and jade."

    ―Euron Greyjoy

Yi Ti is a region in the far east of Essos. It is located at the eastern limits of the known world, to the east of even Qarth. It is sometimes mentioned in the same breath as Asshai as an extremely remote part of the world from Westeros. While Qarth is situated on the narrow straits at the western end of the Jade Sea, Yi Ti is on its northeastern shores. Merchant ships from Yi Ti and Asshai regularly visit Qarth to conduct trade.

The realm that rules over the entire geographic region is formally known as the "Golden Empire of Yi Ti".

People or things from Yi Ti are referred to as "Yi Tish".


Yi Ti is a very old and refined civilization: it was already ancient when the Valyrians were still nothing but humble shepherds (over 6,000 years ago). Unlike other ancient civilizations from that time which eventually collapsed, such as the Valyrian Freehold or the Ghiscari Empire, Yi Ti has endured across all the millennia to the present day, making it one of the richest and most advanced societies in the known world. Even the ruins of fallen cities in Yi Ti dwarf the largest cities in Westeros. Its princes are said to live opulantly in houses of solid gold, and feast on meat powdered with pearls and jade – if the stories are true.

Yi Ti's religion includes several gods but is focused around two primary deities: the Maiden-Made-of-Light and the Lion of Night.

Bonus Trait

Jade Fists: You are proficient in unarmed strikes and deal 1d4 damage piercing damage on a successful hit, in addition to your normal unarmed damage.

Yi Ti

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